I have lived in Chester most of my adult life, and I love the layers of history that we see every day throughout this fascinating city.

I have travelled widely, particularly in South America, and love showing visitors here the Chester which I am so privileged to live in, and its development from a Roman fortress, to Saxon fortification, and through its mediaeval defensive role, the Civil War siege, religious upheaval, and right through to the modern day.


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Walls Walk
Hidden Gems – Less Well Known Chester
Crime, Law and Punishment in Chester
Saxon and Viking Chester
Spanish language Chester

Languages: English, Spanish

Year of registration and qualifications

Green Badge Guide, Chester 2022

Associate of the Institute of Tourist Guiding


I enjoy the less-well known history of Chester and enjoy the links between different people and ages, such as the Saxons and Vikings, the Norman Earls and the English citizens, the Guilds and the visiting traders.

Chester has always been a border city, and I find the historical conflicts, laws and punishments that developed to be a particularly interesting part of our history.

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