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The Rows Revealed

The world famous Chester Rows, first built in the days of the great port of Chester and modernised by the Victorians, offer a unique glimpse into medieval shopping galleries.

Chester RowsThe Rows Revealed explores the ins and outs of Chester’s unique and atmospheric two-tiered shopping galleries, first built in the Middle Ages, and added to over the centuries, particularly during Tudor, Georgian and Victorian times.

Your Guide will take you inside buildings to discover unexpected ancient treasures tucked away amongst the modern bustling shops today – from the remains of a Roman Hypocaust in a cafe cellar and pillars from the mighty Roman HQ building found underneath a coffee shop, to a beautifully decorated fireplace complete with a hidden priest hole and hints of a connection to Catherine of Aragon in a sofa shop. 

You can promenade along the covered walkways and ancient medieval passageways appreciating the juxtaposition of ancient and modern as you visit a medieval cellar now used as a wine shop. 


Tour duration 90 mins approx. Includes steps.

The tour starts outside Chester Town Hall.

To book this tour, choose one of the guides offering the tour:

June BamfordLyn HandPat Jones, Liz RobertsStephen Shakeshaft , Philip Bailey