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Secret Chester Tour

Your Guide will have the keys to places rarely open to the public as you explore some of the hidden glories of the city.

The Secret Chester Tour takes you to some of the hidden glories of the city found tucked away in unexpected  places. Your tour may include exclusive Guide-only access to the remains of the Roman Principia building found under a busy coffee shop; the original cathedral of Chester which is now St John’s Church, complete with its impressive 14th century wall painting of John the Baptist and atmospheric ruins at both ends; intriguing passageways dating from the Middle Ages; the medieval gate that is still locked at night, though not to keep the Welsh out of the city as was once the case; and maybe even a peek inside the glorious Town Hall (if it’s open). There’s so much to discover on this tour.

The tour starts outside Chester Town Hall.

To book this tour, choose one of the guides offering the tour:

June Bamford,  Lyn HandPat Jones, Liz RobertsJan Varley